This medium to difficult bike tour begins in Unterbäch and leads first to Brandalp. Bikers who wish to conserve energy can also use the chairlift for this part of the tour. From Brandalp, the route continues along Sänntumsstrasse to the reservoir, where the tarmac road ends and a gravel road leads via Breite Stäg to Gorpat. At Gorpatbach stream, the path branches off in the direction of Unners Sänntum. It’s worth stopping for a break on the Alp Unners Sänntum, also known as Ginals, maybe even on the sunny terrace of the mountain restaurant Ginals. In the summer months, you can also buy fresh Ziger and Alpine cheese here. The last ascent then leads to the stunning Gibidum lookout point, where the magnificent view is well worth all your efforts. Refresh yourself at the fountain before you beginning the rewarding descent towards Unterbäch. The path leads northwards down the forest path to the Breite Stäg. From here you follow the road again via Brandalp to Unterbäch.

  • Route: Unterbäch – Brandalp – Breite Stäg – Gorpat – Unner Sänntum – Gibidum – Breite Stäg – Brandalp – Unterbäch
  • Länge: 22km
  • Technische Schwierigkeit: mittelschwer
  • Konditionelle Anforderung: mittelschwer