The Milibach Suspension Bridge Association has set itself the goal of improving the pedestrian connection between Eischoll and Unterbäch by means of a 260 m long suspension bridge.
With the construction of the Unterbäch-Eischoll road in the 1980s, the hiking trail in the Bächi area was also cut up. At Mühlebach, one is now forced to follow the pavement for about 100 metres and then cross the road. The spot is confusing because the existing buildings restrict the view to the east. At the same time, there is a danger of falling rocks here in spring and after heavy rainfall. Between Bächi and Eischoll, the hiking trail runs along the valley side of the road.
The suspension bridge provides a safe connection between the two mountain villages of Unterbäch and Eischoll. It also has a symbolic character.  This is especially important for the young generation of the two villages, who attend school together.


Directions to the Milibach suspension bridge

From the mountain station of the Raron-Unterbäch cable car, you can reach the Milibach suspension bridge within 15 minutes on foot (approx. 1km).

Follow the “Dorfstrasse” in a westerly direction, past the church to the school grounds. After the sports hall, turn right downhill. Follow the road until the big bend, then turn left onto the road “Bannoltscha”, which leads you to the cantonal road. Cross this road and continue downhill. Now the hiking trail leads across a meadow in the direction of Eischoll to a crossroad. Continue in a westerly direction and you will soon have reached the suspension bridge.