From the top station of the Seefeld lift (2,415 m a.s.l.), the route leads through beautiful hilly terrain to Grosse See lake (2,546 m a.s.l.). From here you ascend in a south-eastern direction to the ‘Chumminilicke’. Following the wide ridge, you finally reach the 2,973-metre-high summit of the Augstbordhorn. Here you have an incredible view of the Mischabel group. The Nadelgrat ridge, together with Dirruhorn (4,034 m a.s.l.), Hohbärghorn (4,217 m a.s.l.), Stecknadelhorn (4,239 m a.s.l.) and Nadelhorn (4,327 m a.s.l.), as well as the mighty Dom (4,545 m a.s.l.), offers an unforgettable Alpine backdrop. There are several options for the descent. Most of the time you either ski down to the northeast into the ‘Törbeltälli’ valley to reach the Bürchen-Törbel ski resort, or follow the route you came up and return to the Unterbäch slopes at ‘Obers Sänntum’.

  • Zeitbedarf Aufstieg: 2h (↑550m ↓1750 m)
  • Starthöhe: 2’431 m ü. M. / Zielhöhe: 2’973 m ü. M.
  • Route: Skilift Seefeld – Grosse See – Augstbordhorn Ober Sänntum Unterbäch