From the top station of the Seefeld lift, following the black piste, you can ski down a short stretch into the valley. Then it’s time to put on our climbing skins and off we go. At the beginning the route leads west to a narrow pass between pt. 2,754 and pt. 2,674. This passage can be reached from the left side. This is the start of a small valley, also known as ‘Schwarzus Tälli’. The first steep step (a kind of basin) is passed, keeping left. Afterwards, you follow the bottom of this ‘Tälli’ until it’s time to climb a moderately steep slope on the right heading north-west. The route then continues over rather wide slopes to the east ridge. It leads west from there to the summit of the Ginalshorn (3,027 m above sea level). At the top, you’re rewarded for your climb with a fantastic panoramic view of the Valais and Bernese Alps. The descent follows the south ridge to its lowest point at 2,983 m above sea level. Here, beautiful south-eastern slopes – and a lot of fun – await. The trail then heads back through the ‘Schwarzus Tälli’ and the narrow pass to flatter terrain. From here you continue north-east to the ‘Steimandlini’, two striking stone towers, where you reach the black piste again. Now you can follow the prepared slopes to Unterbäch.

  • Zeitbedarf Aufstieg: 2h 30  (↑600m ↓1800 m)
  • Starthöhe: 2’431 m ü. M. / Zielhöhe: 3’027 m ü. M.
  • Route: Skilift Seefeld – Schwarzus Tälli – Ginalshorn – Ober Sänntum – Unterbäch