Once again, this tour starts at the top station of the Seefeld ski lift. The ski route leads west first, then north-west, to the Altstafelhorn (see route no. 182). From the summit of the Altstafelhorn, a short descent follows into a small gap (pt. 2,781) and via the rocky ‘Chummetjigrätji’ straight to the beautiful summit of the Signalhorn (2,911 m above sea level). In good snow conditions, almost the entire ridge can be covered on skis. Only the last few steep metres are usually gained on foot. From the Signalhorn, you have a fantastic view of the Rhone valley and the Bietschhorn, which resembles a perfect pyramid (3,934 m above sea level).
The uppermost part of the descent first runs along the northwest ridge. Depending on the prevailing snow conditions, sooner or later, you’ll find yourself darting onto the beautiful north-eastern slope of the Signalhorn. Here, you sweep down into the ‘Gorpat’ basin in long and short motions. Passing west of pt. 2,284, you finally reach the ‘Obru Eischollalp’ and the Eischoll ski resort. From here you can ski along prepared pistes to Eischoll as well as Unterbäch.

  • Zeitbedarf Aufstieg: 2h 30 (↑570m ↓1700 m)
  • Starthöhe: 2’431 m ü. M. / Zielhöhe: 2’911 m ü. M.
  • Route: Skilift Seefeld – Altstafelhorn – Signalhorn Eischollalp Eischoll