The Violenhorn, also known as the March, offers an easy but infrequently used ski tour. The high-altitude tour starts at Brandalp and first leads through the Bawald forest up to the Gibidum (2,089 m a.s.l.), then continues a relatively steep ascent to the Obers Gibidum. This is where the ridge known as ‘Hienergrätji’ begins leading to the Violenhorn (2,876 m a.s.l.). Unfortunately, there is usually too little snow on the ridge to ski up to the March. If there is little snow, we recommend ending the tour at the ‘Steimandlini’ above the ‘Obers Gibidum’ and returning along the same route.

  • Zeitbedarf Aufstieg: 4h 30 (↑1280m ↓1650 m)
  • Starthöhe: 1’595 m ü. M. / Zielhöhe: 2’876 m ü. M.
  • Route: Brandalp – Gibidum – Obers Gibidum Violenhorn / March Gibidum Unterbäch