Pirate Goldlocke and the Treasure of the Suonen


The PiRaten Weg goes public on May 25, 2024 and is now also available in French.

The once hidden treasure of the pirate Goldlocke has been found, but no one is able to open it.
Can you find the solution to get to the contents of the old treasure chest?

At the mountain station of the Raron-Unterbäch cable car, you can pick up one of the treasure maps (in German) that were left behind for CHF 7.00. If you solve all the riddles, you will find the treasure chest. If you decipher all the riddles that Pirate Goldlocke has left us, the locked treasure of the Suonen will open up at the end.

The PiRatenWeg is a pram-friendly guessing trail for the whole family. The trail leads about 2km through the village of Unterbäch and past all the playgrounds. Families without prams can extend the trail to Hohegga (around 3.5 km in total). We recommend good shoes for the extended path, as you will be on a hiking trail in the forest. You can find all further information and details about the guessing trail on Pirate Goldlocke’s treasure maps.

On the back of the treasure map are more riddles that Pirate Goldlocke left for us.

Sunday, 9 June 2024

Pirate afternoon

To kick off the “PiRaten season”, a children’s afternoon will take place on Sunday, 9 June 2024 at Seepark Augstbord. The PiRaten trail opens on 25 May 2024.