Ride across the whole Augstbord region! This medium to difficult biking route, which leads through the sun-drenched mountain villages of Unterbäch, Eischoll, Ergisch and Bürchen, is a feast for all the senses. Start off in Unterbäch with a short ride along the main road to Eischoll. Here, it’s worth making a short detour to the heart of the beautiful old village before taking the approximately 5 km long descent to the turn-off to Ergisch. The next 16 km are a real biking challenge. But don’t worry – there are many beautiful places and locations worth a stop and a breather along the way. You’ll soon reach the village of Ergisch. The picturesque village perches like a watchman above the exit of the wild and romantic Turtmanntal valley. Further up, the path leads to the magnificent plateau of Obermatte (1,550 m above sea level), where you can take your first opportunity to enjoy the magnificent panorama. Relaxed and refreshed, we continue up to the Alp Tschorr (1,777 m above sea level). Here, the lion’s share of the climbing is already behind you. Hiking through fragrant forests, over the Undri Eischollalp, you reach Gorpat.  After the Gorpatbach stream, follow the path towards Unners Sänntum (1,993 m above sea level). We recommend visiting the Ginals mountain restaurant at this point. The following final ascent then leads to the magnificent Gibidum lookout point (2,100 m above sea level). The rewarding descent starts northwards down the forest path to Breite Stäg. The path leads further downhill to Brandalp. Here, the Hotel-Restaurant Alpenrösli invites tired bikers to rest a while and offers a chance to satisfy your hunger and thirst in time for the second stage of the tour.

From Brandalp, the path first continues downhill, crosses the Löübbach stream and leads via Wisalpji to Ronalpwald forest. Here you should enjoy the silence of the forest once again before you reach the hustle and bustle of the Gärlich hamlet, a part of Bürchen which mainly consists of holiday homes. Take the road down through the Lochwald forest to the Loch (1,540 m above sea level). Here a signpost points to the left towards Middle Hellela. Once again you pass through a short stretch of forest before reaching Zenhäusern, another district of Bürchen. The path continues down to the main road, where you’ll soon return to Unterbäch, where you started.

  • Route: Unterbäch – Eischoll – Ergisch – Tschorr – Unner Sänntum – Gibidum – Brandalp – Gärlich – Zenhäusern – Bürchen – Unterbäch
  • Länge: 44km
  • Technische Schwierigkeit: mittelschwer
  • Konditionelle Anforderung: schwer