Take the chairlift to Brandalp, where you first follow the Women’s Quotation Trail. The trail leaves the road at the Alpine pasture Ta. Continue towards Pfammatte to Breitmattu, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Rhone valley. If you take a short break here, we recommend a visit to the beautiful Maria Schnee chapel. From Breitmattu you continue along the hiking trail towards Striigge, where Restaurant Egga offers a culinary stopover. After a well-earned rest, the route continues up to 1,868 m above sea level to the Undri Eischollalp, with its traditional Alpine huts. After climbing another two hundred metres, you will reach the Obri Eischollalp (2,058 m above sea level), where the mountain path towards Unners Sänntum starts. First the path leads uphill through woodland until you reach the upper Rinderalpe below the Signalhorn. From there the path leads above the forest, without a big incline, towards Altstafelalpe. From there it goes down to Unners Sänntum. Once you have reached this rugged Alp, you can recover your energy before the final ascent. From the Ginals, the route then goes downhill towards Brandalp, where the restaurant Alpenrösli calls for a last stop. From Brandalp you can either take the chairlift to Unterbäch, hire a scooter or make the descent on foot.

  • Wanderzeit: 5h 40  ↑933 m ↓1295 m 
  • Strecke: Brandalp – Pfammatte – Breitmattu – Striigge – Undri Eischollalp – Obri Eischollalp – Unnter Sänntum – Brandalp