Although the Altstafelhorn is a rather modest peak between the Ginalshorn and Signalhorn, it’s well worth a visit. Thanks to the moderate climb in altitude and easy terrain, this tour is also suitable for beginners. The route begins at the top station of the Seefeld lift. After a short descent along the black piste, it’s time to get your climbing skins back on. The route then climbs in a north-westerly direction to the ‘Stüoffmatt’, which leads to the south-eastern slopes of the Altstafelhorn. Then it’s another 200 metres up to the summit. Usually the second part covers the rather wide east ridge. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts at the 2,839 m high summit of the Altstafelhorn with an impressive view of the surrounding mountains.
The Altstafelhorn offers beautiful downhill runs ranging from easy to difficult. However, these must be tailored to snow and avalanche conditions. The easiest and safest descent essentially follows the route of the ascent back to the black piste. From there, you can take the prepared slopes back to Unterbäch.

  • Zeitbedarf Aufstieg: 2h (↑440m ↓1600 m)
  • Starthöhe: 2’431 m ü. M. / Zielhöhe: 2’839 m ü. M.
  • Route: Skilift Seefeld – Altstafelhorn – Unnter Sänntum Unterbäch