The circular hike begins at Brandalp, which can be reached quickly and easily by chairlift. From the top station, the path first leads left along the forest road towards Bürchen. At the end of the timber stockyard, the marked path ‘Alte Suon’ first starts heading uphill through the forest. After crossing the Löübbach stream twice, you reach the water conduit, which was first mentioned as far back as the 15th century. Along the babbling waterway, you can take a leisurely walk to the water collection system at 1,860 m above sea level. From here it is not far to the Alpine pasture in Unners Sänntum (1,990 m above sea level). This is an ideal place to linger, not least thanks to the Ginals mountain restaurant. The descent follows the same path at first. About 20 metres beneath the Alte Suon, the Meigger Suon waterway branches off to the right. Partly open, partly piped, it makes a merry gurgling sound. In Meiggerli the trail crosses the forest road and the Brandalp-Breite Stäg chairlift almost at the same place. The shady path leads along the cool water through the forest to Brandalp. Of course, the path can also be taken in the opposite direction.

  • Wanderzeit: 2h 50  (↑460 m ↓455 m)
  • Strecke: Brandalp – Löübbach – Alte Suon – Unnter Sänntum – Meigger Suon – Brandalp